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A Note from Miss Chan :)

21 Jan

Hello Three-oh-One Peeps!

Here’s the LA blog for your class which you will use for as long as Miss Chan is here with you! It will be where you share your views and opinions with your class, where class discussions carry on after class (hopefully), and where I will drop you an occasional note about homework, interesting articles, and etc yea!

Before we begin using this page that is uniquely yours, let’s be sure to observe some ground rules:

  1. Be nice, respect your classmates’ opinions; where you may disagree please do so politely and with grace.
  2. While posts are not graded on this informal platform, please use good English – communicate with style and eloquence where you can!
  3. Please observe decorum; vulgarities and profanities will not be tolerated.

That’s all from me for now; have fun with your classmates on! 😀

Yours truly,

Miss Chan C.L